Hilary Powers


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Hilary started in front of camera at five years old, landing her first audition as SALLY BROWN in the PEANUTS cartoons. She worked non-stop until into her early teens after which she decided to focus on her education. She earned her degree as a License Vocational Nurse, working in hospitals, clinics and, finally as a Drug Rehab Counselor.

In her late 20’s her love for the arts, guided her back to school to acquire her Graphic Arts Degree. While working in a graphic house that made movie posters, she decided that Film and Television Industry was in her blood. Back to school, she attended UCLA Film Extension. For the last 28 years Hilary has had a very successful career as a Script Supervisor, enabling her to learn from some of the greatest Directors and Actors: an education in itself.

Now, for the last long chapter of her life, her years of observing and absorbing, is being put into lights. Hilary has returned back front of the camera... just strong as she started many years ago.

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